How to add Flavour Concentrates

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Whether you are looking for a new flavour for you commercial kitchen, gelato, cakes, ice cream or eliquid. Does not matter if you are a home user or a commercial operation we are able to supply, custom product any flavour you are currently using. Whilst offer you a unique range of flavour experience that will stand out from the crowd. With our range of flavour concentrates.

Do you have something that you just can not seem to find. Our flavourist can create you what you have been looking for in body, fullness, roundness, taste and most importantly cost.

In fact we have direct substitutes available for most of the commonly used flavour concentrates from around the world. Including Capella, TFA, TPA, Flavour world, Flavour Art etc.

We have created some of the most well know flavours that you most likely enjoy once a month or more. From your favourite gelato flavour, vape juice or e-liquid, cup cake icing and much, much more.

Feel free to contact our Master Flavorist about your requirements, unique flavours and recipes are available on a MOQ. We also wholesale flavour concentrates on MOQ. You can also purchase directly from us at a discounted rate via our online store. Feel free to explore your possibilities by using the shop button in the menu.

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