OG Toffee Just like you would find at the school fete. A white toffee leaving flavours that you can just not put your tongue around…. But you know you love it. Could it be of soft marshmallow base topped with a hint of creamy vanilla ice cream. Or is it a light fresh custard poured over and finished with a dusting of spicy cinnamon.   Not sure?  But it is SUPER GOOD. Love it every day. Perfect option for an Anarchist Lover

Available in:

One Shot Concentrates:   15ml | 30ml | 60ml | 120ml
DIY KIT:                               2 X 120ml bottles plus 30ml Aussie Pineapple one shot concentrate.

All One Shot DIY KITs are available in 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 final mix ratio.

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