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Premium Blackcurrant Flavour concentrate

The flavor of blackcurrant concentrate is characterized by a strong tartness coupled with a natural sweetness. This balance creates a distinctively bold and fruity taste. The concentrate accentuates the blackcurrant’s unique flavor, making it more pronounced and enjoyable. Its rich, berry-like quality is perfect for enhancing a variety of culinary creations.

  • Flavour Profile: Blackcurrant
  • Premium Flavour Concentrate: Yes
  • Size Variants: 30ml | 60ml | 120 | 250ml | 1L
  • Contains Menthol/Cooling: No
  • Information: For use as a flavour concentrates for various applications.
  • Only use Neat for Brewing, Vodka and Baking
  • Steep Time: 2-4 days
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