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A commercial recipe in a ready to go bottle.

ASAP Grape ONE SHOT flavour concentrate is celebrated for its rich, juicy, and slightly tangy grape flavor. This concentrate is designed to capture the essence of ripe grapes, offering a taste that is both refreshing and reminiscent of vineyards....Check out our range of premium one shot recipes.

  • Flavour Profile: ASAP Grape flavour
  • Premium Flavour Concentrate: Yes
  • Mixing Ratios: see main description
  • Size Variants: 30ml | 60ml | 120 | DIY KIT | 1L
  • Contains Menthol/Cooling: Yes
  • Information: For use as a flavour concentrates additive for various applications neat
  • Only use Neat for Brewing, Vodka and Baking
  • Steep Time: 2-4 days
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