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We have taken the hard work out of creating specific flavour and are always developing new ones. With over 740 flavours off the shelf we have a large selection of flavour concentrates. All made here in Australia so you know the quality is right, shipping times are reliable. Especially in the era of COVID19 we all know of the delay frustrations of freight whether by sea, land or air.

Flavrz have been involved with flavour concentrates in Australia and New Zealand for a long time and continue to supply some of the flavour you enjoy every week.

We have developed in the last three years a few new ranges of flavour concentrates specifically for the health industry, vape industry, craft brewers and other emerging industries. All have their own unique set of requirement, flavours and development to correctly make flavors that work in the bases, mixes, recipes within each unique industry. Our knowledge can help you to get the most out of a product such as protein powder, tofu, vape juice.

No more having to buy one flavour and use it for months or worse buying a flavour that you do not like. Not only wasting money, time but also environmental impact from excess waste.

how to add flavour concentrate vape juice recipe



Simply choose on of our “ONE SHOT” range which is a pre-made flavour concentrate of some our our most popular flavours. We make all our flavour concentrates so they dispuse within a few seconds. Just add a little at first to your base you are trying to flavour.

In the case of protein powders, smoothies, cake batters, icing this is only a few drops. As our flavour concentrates are extremely concentrated.

Generally you will need to about about 0.2% – 2% depending on the flavour intensity you are looking for. But generally up to 1% is more than enough. We highly recommend you weight you base product less the container weight and calculate 0.2% in grams. Simply add that figure of our concentrate whilst your mix is on the electronic scales.  Just simply thoroughly mix through and taste test.

The same process is the same with beverages, mocktails etc though as you just use to using our flavour concentrates you will be able to add by the number of drips from our bottles.  All our bottles are leak proof and have a special unicorn drip nozzle to dispense about 0.2g per drip.

vape juice concentrate e-liquid concentrate

For applications such as e-liquids or vape juice you will need to add between 7-15% from our vape range of flavour concentrates.  Due to flavours needing to be atomised the vape flavour range is slightly different.

All our flavour concentrates DO NOT contain any palm oils, for environmental and health safety reasons. Nor do they contain Vitamin E acetate. We do not condone the use of vaping products, nor do we recommend it. All flavour concentrates if purchased for this reason you will need to be over 18 years of age due to legal requirements in Australia.


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