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Flavrz develop and manufacture our own flavour range here in Australia from premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients and bases. We pride ourselves on the intensity of our flavour ranges. Our labs are able to direct substitute various flavour, flavour combinations, flavour concentrates or recipes.

Flavrz flavour concentrates do not contain any palm oil, or vitamin e acetates making them some of the safest food safe ingredients in the world. Making them ideal for commercial, domestic and diy flavour additives. Including but not limited to; baking, ice cream, desserts, icing, cupcakes, vaping, eliquids, confectionary, beverages, soft drinks, sodastream mixers, mocktails, protein powder or shake, home brewing and distilling to name a few.

We have a range of flavour concentrates that are direct substitutes to most USA and European brands including TFA, TPA, Capella, Flavour world. Plus an extensive range of our own recipe and flavours for any application.

2 thoughts on “What can you Flavour

  1. thesaucychef40 says:

    Hi there I’m looking for the flavour closest to a vanilla extract.
    Can you please let me know what you recommend for it.
    Thanks so much

    • Master Flavourist says:

      Hello and thank you for your enquiry, we only have flavour concentrates. Compared to vanilla extract that you will purchase from the supermarket. Our Vanilla flavour concentrate you will need about .5% of the volume of mixture. Compared to two teaspoons or more of vanilla extract. We suggest that you use no more than 1ml to start with and go from there. It is easier to add more, please use a measured syringe to measure 1 ml of Vanilla flavour concentrate.

      Thank you
      Flavrz support team

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