Proudly Australian Made

At Flavrz, nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Australia, we are passionate artisans of flavor, dedicated to crafting the finest quality flavor concentrates.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adherence to the stringent FSSC 22000 standards, ensuring every drop we produce is not only safe but also of unmatched quality.

With a focus on sustainability, we proudly avoid palm oil-based ingredients, offering an extensive range of flavors that cater to various industries, from food and beverage to vaping. Join us on a journey of taste that promises to elevate your sensory experience to new heights.

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ONE SHOT Flavor Concentrates:

Simplifying Your Creations

Discover the convenience and simplicity of Flavrz ONE SHOTs, expertly crafted to revolutionize your flavor concentrate experience.

These unique blends combine multiple flavors into a single, easy-to-use formula, eliminating the guesswork and frustration often associated with creating the perfect recipe.

Say goodbye to purchasing numerous single flavor concentrates; ONE SHOTs are designed to save you both time and money, ensuring a delightful and efficient creation process.

Experience the joy of flavor crafting with Flavrz ONE SHOTs!

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Wholesale Flavour Concentrates

Yes we can, though if it is something that we do not stock, manufacture or a special order. There will be a flavorist fee to match, mix and/or supply the flavour. Along with a MOQ of at least 4 litres. 

Flavrz manufacture our flavour concentrates right here in Australia. We have our own on site flavorist, lab, research & development in Australia. In short we can match any flavour concentrate single or in a mixed recipe. Where you require the recipe to be directly substituted, modified or redesigned.

We pride ourselves on the best quality food and pharmaceutical grade flavour concentrates. Free of any palm oils, acetates or nasties.

You will find the sizes we supply are 20% larger than any other flavour concentrate supplier. Giving you a bonus of 20%, saving you $$ first off. You will find our prices very competitive and generally cheaper than any other supplier.

Cheap does not mean we compromise on quality, flavour or premium product. It simply means that we do not have a middle man that adds a percentage to the end price. Wholesale is generally 20% off the retail price, you will see that you not only save 20% on the extra flavour concentrate. But you also will find we are 10-20% cheaper than other flavour concentrate suppliers.

If you are using more than 1 litre and you are an Australian Company and Business we can set you up with a trade or wholesale account…….. Please contact us here.

Uses & Mixing Ratios

All Flavour World Concentrates are food grade and can be used in a variety of foods including, smoothies, diet shakes and protein powders, Baking and frosting, breakfast, oats, almond meal and desserts,

Mocktails, cocktails, martinis, margaritas and mojitos, Coffee, tea, espressos and lattes, sodastreams and flavoured water. Juice, cordials and eliquids.


Each of our flavour concentrates has a Mixing Ratio tab that will give you a guideline to the quantity needed. With food flavours percentages are really up to the recipe you are creating. You are able to add more flavour quite easily after taste testing before baking etc. 

We suggest less is more as you can add more, but can not take too much out.

If you are using these flavours to make e-liquid or e-juice there is also a guideline in our mixing ratio tab on the flavour concentrate. 70% of our customers are bakers, cake makers, coffee shops, craft breweries and distilleries.

We can only give you a guideline as everyone likes a different depth of flavour. But our mixing ratios tabs will give you a great place to start.

We welcome wholesale purchases of all our flavours. Because we make the flavours we are able to directly substitute any flavour or mix a custom flavour for you.

We will need 60ml of the flavour concentrate to be able to match the flavour concentrate for you.

No more waiting on orders to arrive from USA, Europe or UK. We can have a new flavour to you that week or if it is a custom flavour. Within two weeks from the date we receive the flavour concentrate you wish to substitute.

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You can easily track your order via TRACK MY ORDER in your account page. Or click the link here or at the top of the page.

All orders are dispatched the same day where possible, freight delays due to COVID19 is out of our control. Although if you select express or priority then you will receive your order on the next available flight to you.  Generally Express or International Priority is 2-4 days. All other orders you will need to track your order via the freight company selected at the time of checkout. The details will be sent to you via email and sms. Consignment note reference numbers are available in your account page or TRACK MY ORDER.


Free Express Shipping for orders $100.00 and over and up to 5KG.

For orders over 5KG the parcel will be sent Free Parcel Post

For Orders less than $100.00 we offer Parcel or Express Post


All orders are send economy international, unless you chose International Priority.

Delivery time for economy is generally between 4 – 24 days depending on COVID19 restriction in your area or flight delays. International priority is on the next flight to your country and is generally 2-7 days for delivery. Again depending on requirements of COVID19 restriction.

Should your order not arrive within 3 days of your expected delivery date given by Australia Post, please contact Australia post with the tracking number and lodge an investigation, This investigation will take at least 1 week, however most if not all parcels are delivered and not lost

If Australia Post confirms they have lost the parcel FLAVRZ will replace your order Free of charge.
However if your item has been marked as delivered FLAVRZ will not be able to assist you further. Please contact Australia Post direct

International Freight.

Please contact the shipping company you chose at time of checkout with the consignment note number. The details are available in TRACK MY ORDER, on the Invoice. All of which is available in MY ACCOUNT.
Orders made after 1pm on a business day will be shipped the following business day. Unless there is a COVID19 lockdown, public holiday or an act of god. Orders made outside of business hours or business days will be shipped the next business day.

YES,  you are able to order our flavour concentrates world wide in selected countries. Including the USA, Europe, UK, NZ to name a few.

Please note:

Due to COVID19 there is very limited freight flights to all countries. This effects delivery times. We are experiencing delays of 2 – 6 weeks if countries are in lockdown. This is due to your local mail delivery companies including USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Mail, AusPost etc having limited delivery for a week.

You will receive the tracking information for the delivery you will need to track it via the freight company option you selected at the time of ordering. These include FEDEX, ARAMEX, EMS.

ONE SHOT concentrates

As you may have become aware of there has been some 1,100,000 (1.1 Million) ejuice and eliquid 323 manufacturers since September 2021. Have now gone most of them flavored bottled e-liquid and manufacturers in the United States alone.

Why? most of the flavour concentrates added and/or ingredients of these products including the vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol. Where sourced from various locations and sources, many not meeting food grade requirements and manufacturing. This includes importing bulk and rebottling not in a clean room, lab or ISO approved facility.

Worse though is that most of the flavour concentrates used are, YES food grade. Of major concern food grade means it is fit for ingestion (eating) though the majority of these food grade flavour concentrates are NOT SUITABLE to be atomised or vaped.

Take one of the most popular used flavour concentrates – Marshmallow from a very well know supplier. Most international suppliers it will contains about 3-5% Vanillin. Vanillin is a cheap alternative to vanilla extract and you will even find this ingredient in your pancake mix. Which being a ingestible food is fine, though to atomise this compound it is a different matter.

Flavrz flavour concentrates and especially our ONE SHOT range has been developed over the past years to be suitable to be atomised or vaped. Though we do not encourage any form of smoking, we do know that vaping is an very effective way to quit smoking. Hence a very good smoking cessation pathway.

We recommend only using pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin, again not all VG is the same with a USP/BP grade rating. Most vegetable glycerin that you get in an eliquid is palm oil based. Diacetyl in the form of Diacetyltartaric. All palm oil based products including vegetable glycerin made from palm oil. Have been recommended NOT TO BE USED for atomising or vaping due to diacetyl (which is in fruit, dessert and cream based flavours in the industry) can cause “Popcorn Lung”

Flavrz does not use any palm oil based vegetable glycerin in any of our products.

NOTE: We have eliminated these listed ingredients from All Flavour concentrates
Acetyl propionyl
Palm Oil or Derivatives including VG derived from palm oil (Diacetyltartaric)

Did you know that poor quality VG or Vegetable Glycerine will clog or burn out your coils faster. Also if you are getting a harsh back of throat hit or taste, the quality of your PG or propylene glycol may need addressing.

One Shot Flavor Concentrates are premixed recipes made up of a number of flavor concentrates. Just like any ejuice or eliquid that you are enjoying now.
You simply add around 12-15% of your favourite ONE SHOT concentrate to your base of VG & PG.
One Shot concentrates offers a cost effective, simple convenient way of enjoying your favourite flavour combinations , without the need for spending a lot of time, money, fuss, trial and error creating your own recipes.

All our ONE SHOT flavour concentrates are mixed so they are the best flavour profiles at 12-15%. 15% being what we would recommend.

You can either measure 15% of say 60ml which will be (10% of 60ml = 6ml) + (5% of 60ml = 3ml) Meaning you will need 6ml+3ml= 9ml for 60ml of finished vape juice. Very easy.

We have made a video of how easy it is to all and have you on your way with our DIY ONE SHOT KITS. See the video below

Add 15% or 9ml or even 10ml to make it easy to your 60ml bottle. Then add 43ml or even 45ml to your bottle and top off with PG. You do not even have to measure the PG if you just fill to the shoulder of a chubby gorilla 60ml bottle.

Truly it’s that easy…. we do recommend you use only odour free PG which is generally available at better vape shops or you can order your PG from us – HERE

Easier still is that we have even taken the guess work out of mixing your own vape juice by supplying all our ONE SHOT concentrates in a handy and easy to use kit. In both 70/30 and 50/50 final ratio.

Have you ever looked at ejuice or vape juice prices oversea and asked why are they so much cheaper? …. So have we!

Cheaper does not mean – less quality – nor does it mean you have to purchase something that may be made overseas, where you know that it may not be such a great as flavour experience.

Because Flavrz makes our own concentrates, we supply most of the brands you love and know. You may have already enjoyed our flavour experience. Hence we see no reason why in Australia, you as a flavour connoisseur, should be paying a premium for your flavour experience. Let alone a better way to quit smoking.

Now you can enjoy the best flavour experience whilst at the prices you should be paying for the experience


Flavrz ONE SHOT DIY KITS work out at 10c per ml

or for that 60ml bottle you brought from the vape shop – $6

But you ask, that can’t be right or we are buying less quality….. No like we have said above we supply some of the major brands you are using now. Since all our flavour concentrates are made in Australia under food safety, pharmaceutical and ISO requirements. You can rest assured you are getting premium ejuice.

For max pg all you need to add is 15% of our one shot concentrate to your bottle. Again we will use a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle as an example. It is extremely easy as for a 30ml you will need half the 60ml one shot concentrate. Hence simply double the 60ml one shot concentrate needt to make a 120ml mix. You can even just use 10 ml as it is close to 9ml for your calculations. Keeping it even easier to fill, mix and away you go.

50 ml of VG is all that is required in your chubby gorilla bottle and simply add the one shot concentrate to the shoulder of the bottle. The shoulder of a chubby gorilla bottle is where the taper proof ring sits.

70/30 = 42ml VG + 8ml PG + 10ml or fill to the shoulder with the oneshot

50/50 = = 30ml VG + 20ml PG + 10ml or fill to the shoulder with the oneshot

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